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DNAniel213-here~ :) Empty DNAniel213-here~ :)

on Mon Dec 22, 2014 6:52 pm
Name: Doctor Professor Engineer Master DNAniel-san-kun-sama (Or just DNAniel213 xD)

Age: 16

Birthday: Sept. 6,1998

How did you hear about us?: I wanted to join a text clan with similar interests. So, I should thank Google-sama for this >_<

Your Expectations: That I'll be able to join an awesome Anime Text Clan with awesome members >_<

Give at least 3 of your favorite Anime:  
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunaii x) (are my top 3)

Comments: hmmm.... This might be TL;DR, but I challenge you to read it 'till the end! muwhawhawha!

Earth itself trembles in the fear of my darkness. They call me "Helix Void Angel" eras past. My will is the void's will. The ability to form something out of nothing; hence the helix, I am the structure. I've lived a peaceful life for several hundreds of years..
But my guardians deemed my ability too dangerous for control, and attempted to seal me.
I resisted.
I sought refuge in unconditional places. Trying to keep myself in check has already taken up a majority of my energy. Until I broke. The universe was in shambles. They couldn't control me; but neither could I. Many lives were lost because of my uproar. I was in turmoil, forcing all of what's left of my willpower to silence myself for ten minutes. Just enough for them to seal my entirety into nothingness.
Or so I thought.
It seemed my nothingness has manifested itself into a newborn.
I am given the name "Daniel" in this current life. A sixteen-year old 1st year college student in the degree of IT. Although my abilities are severely sealed, I am still able to push forth of several aspects, albeit above average. Of my unsealed abilities, the ability to play the piano well is one, complemented by a moderate skill in drawing, and an enthusiast in writing. In the sidelines, I train myself hard through Karatedo to at least heighten my limit and chances of control for when my ability seal shatters.
I have been bestowed upon the blessing of anime and the like, for they are my second highest form of entertainment and love, first being my family and friends. As supplement, I also regularly read novels. My favorite genre of music in this peaceful era is dubstep, japanese songs influenced by the anime I watch, and Vocaloid.

On the internet, I'm go mostly by the name of "dnaniel213". But since I want to be close with you guys, you may address to me affectionately by the name:
"Doctor Professor Engineer Attorney Mister Sir Daniel-kun-san-chan-sama"
I'm here to spread the awareness of being environmentally-friendly. In other words, Project "GREEN".
So basically I have the power to turn any normal, everyday conversation into a green-minded innuendo. No need to praise me. It's a talent. loljk

Things that I like:
_______________Anime&Manga: Romance, Slice of Life, Fantasy, Comedy, Sci-fi, Tragedy, Gore and Horror.
                            Books: Romance, Sci-fi, Critical Thinking, Mystery, Horror, Manga.
                           Music: Dubstep, Japanese songs influenced by anime(my favorite right now are the Hokago Tea Time songs  ), Vocaloid, and Hardcore Metal \m/
                           Games: Fantasy, MMORPG, actually anything that's awesome enough to keep me in front of the computer for hours on end. Dragon Nest! (though I can't play it much. I'm currently using linux mint as my OS. On a completely different note, who plays minecraft?)
_______________and turtles!
Things I dislike:
                      BARRELS, boku no pico, yaoi(though I enjoy writing yaoi scenes about my classmates), and twilight(can't believe I actually read the book. And finished it.).

Well... Did you read it? >_<

Anyways, Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~
(and may I join a text clan? xD)
Forum Moderator
Forum Moderator
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DNAniel213-here~ :) Empty Re: DNAniel213-here~ :)

on Mon Dec 22, 2014 11:07 pm
Whoa. That was a very cool intro. Ang ganda ng writing style mo.. Keep it up. :rose: Parehas tayo about yaoi. .lol

Anyways, welcome to TNMAA. /wave

Please have fun and be active. :handsome:

Btw, bakit magkasing-age tayo pero college ka na? Napakasakit. DNAniel213-here~ :) 3747061306


:Wattpad:  :Quotev:

Yo, Guest !  /wave  JYTG here~!  :rose:

Credits to ~GyuukiDesu~  for my avatar. :wonderful:
DNAniel213-here~ :) 2r5gac9
(c) PirateNinjaKitteh

DNAniel213-here~ :) IhXk7lK


       DNAniel213-here~ :) 9VCKw59  
Forum Moderator
Forum Moderator
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DNAniel213-here~ :) Empty Re: DNAniel213-here~ :)

on Tue Dec 23, 2014 12:58 pm
Yoroshiku onegai shimasu


Ebi Senpai <3

DNAniel213-here~ :) XMdtRU6
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DNAniel213-here~ :) Empty Re: DNAniel213-here~ :)

on Wed Dec 24, 2014 10:24 am
Hello there. :star



DNAniel213-here~ :) 4lcEWIF

DNAniel213-here~ :) Ir43ddM | TNMAA Chatbox | TNMAA Blogspot |
DNAniel213-here~ :) KimzVTR
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DNAniel213-here~ :) Empty Re: DNAniel213-here~ :)

on Wed Dec 24, 2014 11:36 pm
Thanks guys :D
@JYTG: Yish I am >_< I started school pretty early, so I get to have bragging rights
Radio DJ
Radio DJ
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DNAniel213-here~ :) Empty Re: DNAniel213-here~ :)

on Thu Dec 25, 2014 6:49 pm
Welcome Here sa Tnmaa <3

Hope you join us in our chatbox and enjoy the fun ~

Kung naguguluhan ka sa mga bagay bagay dito sa forum, just ask me. :fight-o


DNAniel213-here~ :) 3NXdPEB
DNAniel213-here~ :) 68747470733a2f2f7075752e73682f736f4f75492f316636383635353735362e676966

- Yuanne
- Yuanne
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DNAniel213-here~ :) PGFw8zK

DNAniel213-here~ :) Empty Re: DNAniel213-here~ :)

on Thu Dec 25, 2014 11:13 pm
Welcome to TNMAA~
That's a long intro though .@@


DNAniel213-here~ :) FG4OE03
DNAniel213-here~ :) LP7Jemw
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DNAniel213-here~ :) Empty Re: DNAniel213-here~ :)

on Sat Dec 27, 2014 3:50 pm
DNAniel213-here~ :) 607988onarxhg9e6

DNAniel213-here~ :) 277031mbmmfoabln
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 DNAniel213-here~ :) 440576q8wrax7se2WELCOME to TNMAA
DNAniel213-here~ :) 440576q8wrax7se2 Please to meet you my dear
DNAniel213-here~ :) 440576q8wrax7se2 Have fun and enjoy here
DNAniel213-here~ :) 440576q8wrax7se2 We can be your friends

DNAniel213-here~ :) 2812059ajon6induj Chat us NOW at the  DNAniel213-here~ :) 975747yav37kkmkm CHATBOX DNAniel213-here~ :) 2812059ajon6induj

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To AVOID getting WARNINGS and to be BANNED . . .

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DNAniel213-here~ :) Jincul12

DNAniel213-here~ :) FG4OE03

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DNAniel213-here~ :) Empty Re: DNAniel213-here~ :)

on Fri Jan 02, 2015 9:16 pm
Hello! Welcome to TNMAA /wave

Chat us here ---> TNMAA CHATBOX ♥️
Also, tune in at our TNMAA Radio ♫
Enjoy and have fuuuun~~~ :bd: :happy:


DNAniel213-here~ :) Xoj9lMB

DNAniel213-here~ :) H9AbyBX

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DNAniel213-here~ :) Empty Re: DNAniel213-here~ :)

on Thu Jan 08, 2015 9:11 am
Hello there Guest. Hello guys. I'm Annenonymous DNAniel213-here~ :) HmU0cfe

A typical Anime Lover, blogger, Forumer of different anime forum (and cosplayer) DNAniel213-here~ :) DJAAPml

Thank you guys in advance. It's a pleasure to meet you all in this site.

I hope that we can get along and be tomodachi/friends.

If you have time get to know me and add me in Facebook >>> Edel Anne

DNAniel213-here~ :) TZSaBbo


Hello  Guest  :hi:   こんにちは私の友人
DNAniel213-here~ :) MULGAps
Thanks to NHarmonia<3 for my Forum Gear

DNAniel213-here~ :) ROOArYL

Siggy and Hunter's License:

DNAniel213-here~ :) MRW5Tmm
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DNAniel213-here~ :) LGzmhcR
DNAniel213-here~ :) FG4OE03
DNAniel213-here~ :) Dnl5tq10
DNAniel213-here~ :) Siggy_10
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DNAniel213-here~ :) Empty Re: DNAniel213-here~ :)

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